We supply & manage digital
advertising screens

Displays.wales supply and manage digital advertising screens. We work in partnership with you to specify, supply, maintain and manage billboard style advertising at your premises.

Display.wales deal with all the technical and legislative aspects. We work on a revenue split basis. We pay for all the hardware and installation costs.

If you own a building, shop, wall or piece of land and believe that there is enough passing footfall or vehicles to make a digital advertising screen viable, then contact Andrew or Tom at displays.wales. We will advise and give you an idea of the potential revenue from your location, how long things might take to implement and arrange a meeting if there is viability in your project.

The screen can be situated on an external wall, on a bespoke platform or internally behind a window. We will undertake and implement all electrical, internet, safety, risk and building work to ensure that the screen installation meets the highest standards.

Once installed we implement a one month testing period. You will then start receiving payments on a three monthly basis AFTER the first month of operation.

The screen will remain the property of Displays.wales. A minimum three year partnership agreement will form the basis of the partnership.